John of God Oprah

John of God was on Oprah on the 17th of November. John of God is a simple farmer who lives in a remote town in Brazil.

His town of Abadiania is constantly patronized by millions of people who are plagued with all kinds of conditions. He is credited to have powers to heal all kinds of afflictions and diseases including Cancer, arthritis, depression and several other kinds of diseases. It is believed that he has no advanced education and he is certainly not a doctor but he performs surgery on some of his subjects without the use of anesthesia.

He doesn’t use sterilizers as well but surprisingly nobody has complained of infection. The surgeries are no child’s play because they involve the use of incisors and mostly the “patients” are opened up during the surgery. Incredibly they do not complain of any pain at all despite the fact that no anesthetics are involved.

It is not all roses for John of God though. He has been accused of impropriety but he maintains that none of what he does is from his own effort. He credits God with anything that he does and as a result he refuses to charge the people that visit his healing center in his town.