Erik Chopin from “Biggest Loser” Gains Weight

Erik Chopin winner of the third season of VH1’s Biggest loser has gained back a lot of weight. Despite having broken records for losing more than half of his initial body weight, Chopin had a backslide. He had dropped 124 pounds of his 407 during the show. But a few months later Chopin was back to weighing 300 pounds. He avoided going on Oprah with his castmates. But then after he heard Oprah confess her 40 pound weight gain he felt he should come on and make his confession. Chopin told Oprah that after he returned from the show depression sank in and he started to gain the weight back. He feels like he let down his supporters and fans. Since the interview Chopin has decided to embrace his weight gaining condition and is now committed to getting back to the gym.