UFC 113 Results

Shogun won UFC 113 Machida vs Shogun 2. But in UFC 113 results, fans became the ultimate fighting losers, seeing their beloved Kimbo Slice and Paul Daley cut from UFC.

UFC 113 didn’t prove to be the night it was expected with a series of lopsided fights that didn’t last beyond single rounds. By Sunday, it turned into more a business chatter with where, how, and when fired fighters would return, now with new contracts elsewhere.

Machida was bleeding from the nose following a kick by Shogun. Rua followed up with a left. But after a body kick by Machida, Rua landed a huge right which sent Machida to the mat, all in the first round.

Rua continued the assault. At that point it appeared the Machida was out cold for 45 seconds. The match was quickly stopped in the first round. It’s disappointing to see Machida’s undefeated streak come to an end.

Kimbo Slice loss equally fast to Matt Mitrione, causing Dana White to fume after the fight, first saying Slice probably won’t be returning to UFC for his poor performance and then clarifying that Slice was cut.

Alan Belcher, Marcus Davis, Joey Beltran, Johny Hendricks, Joe Doerksen, Mike Guymon, and John Salter [see complete results below] were also winners.

Shogun had said the following before the fight:

“All fights are difficult to come up with a game plan for, because a fight is a fight and you never really know until it actually starts,” he said. “Actually, after you fought someone you also learned more details about the opponent, and you can adjust new and better details, so it goes both ways.”

“I always fight confident. This is something I learned at the school where I was raised as a fighter from my master. I always believe in myself and enter the cage thinking on winning and finishing the fight. It was like that in all my fights, and it will be now again. But I think this is a different fight with the same fighters. He may have a different strategy, I have a different strategy, and in the end, all can change with a single strike. So it’s tough to say, we’ve got to feel what happens and be ready for whatever we have to do.”