+U.S. radiation risk

+U.S. radiation risk

The risk of radiation has been spread all over the world and Americans have got fear of radiation which is caused of Japan’s nuclear reactor rations. Drug stores from Washington to California are selling potassium iodide pills and some people have started consuming it. You probably don’t eat the potassium iodide pills now. The does can be really have bad side effect on the health and this time, Oregon monitoring stations to West coast have not found anything in the air.

Potassium iodide pills can have bad problems. The common problems will be nausea and vomiting but the danger problem can be life time allergic reaction. It can damage the thyroid glands which can leads to thyroid problems.

Why potassium iodide is good?

This is not so much good for health but it has very good effects at the time of nuclear accidents. It is for the people that have taken radioactive elements from air. It takes out radioactive form from you’re your glands and prevent your thyroid.

In this time, US West Coast is not having any problem with radioactive radiation. They are safe. They do not take any potassium iodide until it is not recommended by physicians and scientists.