Kevin Garnett Nuggets

Kevin Garnett to the Nuggets? Just last week, the Los Angeles Clippers expressed interest in trading for Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett. That trade would free up money for the Celtics and give the Clippers a good shot at an NBA championship opportunity. A new team has entered the market in the Denver Nuggets, but Yahoo Sports reported on Feb. 6 that Garnett is not interested.

This is an important fact because Kevin Garnett has a no-trade clause in his contract.

Garnett might be willing to go to a team like Los Angeles, because an NBA title could be won there and the Clippers look like they are building for a long-term future. However, Denver has proved over the years to be quick on the draw when it comes to trading away their star players.

Head Coach George Karl has always prided himself on building winning teams with smaller, cheaper players, many who are not a household name. Not only is Garnett a big name in the NBA, but he is also an expensive player. There is no way Denver trades for Garnett and keeps him past this season, at his price.

Denver fans might love to see Kevin Garnett in a Nuggets uniform, but it isn’t going to happen.