Boeing Test China Biofuel Middle 2011 @ Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 Jet

Boeing to Test China-Produced Commercial-Jet Biofuel in China in Middle 2011 with Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 Jet

Boeing Corporation is leading the charge on biofuels for aircraft. Boeing already tested biofuels previously, but will test a new China-produced Commercial-Jet Biofuel some time in the middle of next year (2011) if everything proceeds according to schedule. Choosing the location of China is a given, as Boeing has a large headquarters in China and business talk often frequents the subject of Boeing officially moving their HQ to Beijing or Shanghai. Boeing touts their close relationship with the People’s Republic going back some 30 years to Nixon’s first handshake with Mao himself. The Green industry is nothing new to the nominally Communist nation either: China stands to dominate the green industry and has the single largest stake in green manufacturing: meaning China stands the most to profit from green initiatives while Western nations attempt to enforce green trade treaties that China itself refuses to sign. A smart move, that may see China, not America, leading the future of green technology for decades to come.