Bill Walton ESPN Joke

A Bill Walton ESPN joke could land the legendary basketball announcer in some trouble. According to Business Insider on March 15, Walton made a dark joke about Ray Lewis while announcing the Pac-12 tournament for ESPN.

While all the mascots piled out of a limo, Bill Walton joked that Ray Lewis was back in there as well, a witty dig bringing up the incident where someone was stabbed and murdered in a limousine that Ray Lewis was allegedly in over ten years ago.

When his commenting partner warned Walton that ESPN might not appreciate that comment, Walton responded by saying that they suspended Bill Simmons, so anything is possible.

The problem here is that Ray Lewis is a newly minted ESPN employee and earlier this week, ESPN suspended writer Bill Simmons from Twitter for speaking out against an embarrassing segment on “First Take.”

The difference here is that Simmons was attacking a segment on the show where Skip Bayless and Richard Sherman carried out a back-and-forth altercation where Sherman was insulting Bayless’ journalistic prowess while Bayless was asking Sherman if he felt he was as good as other players at his position.

Simmons’ thoughts mirrored many other people online about how bad the segment came off, but ESPN has a policy in place forbidding their employees from speaking out against any ESPN property. Could the Bill Walton ESPN joke see him suspended as well?