Andrew Bynum Injections

Andrew Bynum’s injections in his knee could help get him back with the Philadelphia 76ers soon. According to a report from late Thursday (Jan. 31), Bynum is getting his second set of Synvisc injections so that he can resume workouts on Sunday (Feb. 2). This might delay his return to the court a little bit, making it even more frustrating for fantasy basketball owners who have been waiting all season for Bynum to play his first game with the 76ers.

The point to these injections is for Bynum to receive pain-relief in his knees and each injection is expected to last up to six months. That could possibly mean this is the last knee treatment that he needs this season, giving the former All-Star a better chance at playing basketball soon. Recent injury updates had suggested that he might be able to play again before the upcoming All-Star break, but a more realistic return will be slightly after it now.

There have been quite a few Bynum injury updates this season, so many fans and fantasy basketball owners will take this latest news with a bit of skepticism. It’s hard to rationalize any other response at this point, unless it is coming from a 76ers fan who just wants to see Bynum play a few games for the team before he hits free agency. The next set of Andrew Bynum injections hold hope for the 76ers, especially as the team tries to make it to the postseason, but the team has probably lost the chance to trade him for real value now.