7 Years in Prison Over $2

7 years in prison over $2 sounds a bit like a steep punishment, doesn’t it? Well, a Manhattan PATH rider has quite the story to tell — but it’s a little more involved than it appears. On Feb. 12, the New York Post reported that Ruben Sanabria, 37, skipped out on a paying a fare, and when stopped by police, he had an illegal handgun on his person.

“Two cops grabbed him after they saw him hop the turnstile, and quickly found the weapon in his waistband. Sanabria was also carrying extra bullets and a holster,” the New York Post reported.

The 7 years in prison over $2 started out that way, but Sanabria’s gun is what really got him in trouble. He undoubtedly deserved what he got, given the fact that the handgun that he had was illegal. Naturally it is unknown what his intentions with the gun were… but if he skipped out on paying a $2.25 subway fee… something suggests his intentions weren’t to turn the gun in to police.

“This defendant illegally carried a loaded semiautomatic firearm into a public transportation system used by thousands of people every day. Preventing gun violence is one of my top priorities as district attorney, and I will make sure that this office continues to seek strong sentences for crimes involving firearms,” said Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.

So, getting 7 years in prison over $2 in this case was well-warranted. Sanabria pleaded guilty scoring himself 7 years behind bars and 3.5 years of parole after that.