5 Kids, 18 Cats in Back of Moving Van

5 kids and 18 cats in the back of a moving van were discovered by police at a truck stop near New Castle, Indiana Wednesday night, WTVR reports. Law enforcement were alerted to the situation by a caller who claimed to be a relative. The caller said the moving van had departed Pennsylvania early Wednesday.

When police located the vehicle, they found 5 kids and 18 cats in the back of a box van. The children ranged from ages 9 to 18 and were equipped with only sleeping bags. They were unable to communicate with their parents because they sat at the front of the truck. There were also family belongings crammed in the back of the moving van with the kids and cats. Two more children were found in the truck’s cab.

It was about 32 degrees when police caught up with the vehicle around 10 p.m.. There was no heat inside the cargo department of the moving van.

David and Rebecca Detzen are charged with four felony counts and neglect. They’re being held at Henry County Jail and the 7 kids are the custody of Child Protective Services. The 18 cats have been turned over to animal control.