2011 May Product Recalls

2011 May Product Recalls

Each and every month a slew or items and products are recalled. May 2011 was no exception and although most are recalled for caution only there are some serious reasons to keep an eye on what is happening. Let’s take a look over some of this months recalls.

2011 May Product Recalls

This is by no means an infinitive and final recall list for May but it’s a good place to start and you may recognise something you picked up this month or even before (some recalls are for older items).

May 2011 Food Recalls

-Winfrey’s Olde English Fudge Inc. recall distributed in Massachusetts because they contain undeclared egg.

-#1 Gluten Free brand chocolate and yellow cake mix recall for #1 Gluten Free brand cake mix Lot codes 33310-4). They contain undeclared milk.

-GFS Marketplace Stores pecan pieces recall for GFS pecan pieces Lot 095 1094). The GFS pecan pieces may contain walnuts (which doesn’t seem that bad an issue to me!).

-Tri-State bakery bread recall for products purchased before May 2 due to undeclared soy products.
Target Market Pantry Cookies recall for items sold since March 2011. Target Market Pantry snickerdoodles have been recalled due to undeclared whey.

-Doctor’s CarbRite Diet bars peanut allergy alert due to the Universal Hi Protein bars recall for containing undeclared peanuts.Bars expiring up to June 30th 2012.

-Brownie Fudge Twirl recall. This is due to an egg allergen alert.

-Entenmann’s Pop’ems and Bimbo Donitas. These Bimbo donuts products have mold concerns.

-Goodness Gardens chives for a Listeria monocytogenes contamination possibility scare.

-Mountain Pure bottled water for products codes 2200 through 0400 for a possible biological contamination.

-Quenby Hall Blue Stilton Cheese for items with expiry June 15-29. The Schratter Foods recall is related to a possible listeria contamination.

-Natural Grains and Nature’s Own and Sweetbay recalls and Cobblestone Mill 16 oz 100% Whole Wheat Bread recall. Beest by of May 11 or 12. This is due to a Flower Foods bread issue that they may contain small pieces of metal!

-“Egg-free” Cinderella Sweets Passover Cookies had a problem because they contained egg.

-Six L’s Packing grape tomatoes recall. Affects all products containing their grape tomatoes which includes Safeway signature salads and anything from Manufacturer Taylor farms. No illnesses have been reported.