Lohan E-Trade Lawsuit

The E-Trade lawsuit looks grim for Lindsay Lohan as she loses her first battle. The E-Trade suit filed by Lindsay Lohan  took a turn yesterday for the worse. Lindsay Lohan lost her first battle to have her multi-million dollar E-Trade lawsuit handled in state Supreme Court instead of Manhattan.

Lohan, 24, had filed suit against e-Trade in Nassau County for allegedly defaming her with a commercial. The TV commercial aired during the Super Bowl and the Olympics featuring a talking baby named Lindsay, who’s a “milkaholic.” For some reason, Lohan believed that the company was mentioning her alcoholism in the ad campaign.

E-Trade argued that the case should be moved to Manhattan because Lohan hasn’t lived in Long Island for years. The actress contended she still lived with her mom in Merrick, but Justice James Yates found she didn’t bother to submit any evidence to back up her claim. The Internet company is located in Nassau County.

The New York City-based brokerage sought the shift and said Thursday it was pleased with the ruling. A couple of months ago the exchange company filed for dismissal stating that the allegations were had no merit. She was also just sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days probation after. If this suit is upheld, there could still be a long delay.