Kellie Pickler Bikini Body

Kellie Pickler’s bikini body show curves that have been revealed on Instagram. It seems as though Kellie Pickler been posting pictures of herself from an unknown island, which is attracting some attending. Pickler posted the first photo of the getaway was shared by the 28-year-old singer on Sunday and finds her posing with friends inside a car.


Rikki Tikki Tavi on Amazon

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, the timeless classic is the children’s book every family should have. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is the story of a mongoose whose bravery knows no bounds and the family he is endeared to and looks after with a fiery passion. After a small flood Rikki-Tikki-Tavi finds himself rescued by a family in India and he is curious to discover more about his new surroundings. He finds there is danger lurking in the shadows that threatens his new family. Rikki will stop at nothing to make sure they are safe. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is a timeless classic from Rudyard Kipling that should be enjoyed by all. This story has amazing illustrations and is fun for the whole family. Make good reading for educated kids on the classics or a good bedtime story. Either way it’s a must have.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi on Amazon Kindle

They Married The Same Person Twice

They Married The Same Person Twice

Divorce among celebrities has long been in vogue long before it became socially acceptable amongst rank and file Americans. However, some celebrities reconsider their decisions and remarry their former spouses.

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond married her first husband Stephen Craig in 1982 in a storybook Mormon romance. When she divorced him in 1985, she was the first member in her family to divorce going back generations. She married a year later, but after twenty years that married ended. In a surprise announcement, Osmond remarried her first husband in December 2012, in the LDS Las Vegas Temple wearing the same gown she had worn back in 1982. They are now expecting their first child.

Actor Robert Wagner married his second wife Natalie Wood in 1957 and the couple divorced in 1962. After a failed third marriage, Wagner remarried Wood in 1972 and was with her until her untimely demise in 1982. Sadly, the circumstances of her death remain a controversy to this day and the police recently reopened the investigation into her death.

Judge Judy

The Honorable Judge Judy obviously made an error in judgment in 1990 when she divorced Judge Jerry Sheindlin. The pair reunited a year later — Judge Jerry was Judge Judy’s second and third husband, while Judge Judy was Judge Jerry’s second and third wife. (Are you with us?)
Their time together: 1977-1990 and 1991 – present.

Somewhere in between those eight marriages of his, talk show host Larry King managed to marry one of his eight wives twice. Arlene Akins was the lucky lady who captured this man two times — she was wife No. 3 and No. 5.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

The handsome Belgian martial arts action film star has been married to his American actress and former female bodybuilder wife Gladys Portugues since 1999. She was actually his third and fifth wife so we’re hoping the second time around for these two will be the charm.
Their time together: 1987-1992 and 1999 – present.

Former Superman Actors

Former Superman Actors, “Man of Steel” hits theaters tomorrow and joins a long line of movies and television shows dedicated to Superman. Check out some actors from the past who have brought the story’s beloved characters to the screen and see what they’re doing now. (more…)

Muhammad Ali IQ 78

Muhammad Ali IQ 78, Muhammad Ali is one of the most famous sports figures on the planet, the professional boxer born Cassius Clay, Jr. who went on to win the world heavyweight championship at the age of 22 and was ultimately crowned Sportsman of the Century by Sports Illustrated Magazine. Although his achievement ranks Ali among the world’s most famous, his IQ score is among the lowest. IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a score assigned to individuals following the results of taking tests designed to measure an individual’s intelligence in order to predict their success at earning an income and performing well in their career endeavors.

Muhammad Ali ranks at the bottom of the IQ scale with a score of only 78, which is classified as “mildly disabled”. Although Ali’s low score doesn’t seem to have curtailed his success in life, he is not the only person who failed to get a genius rating without suffering any ill effects on his life circumstances. President Ronald Reagan scored only 105, considered average or normal.

Jennifer Brennan Hauls Animals

Jennifer Brennan Hauls Animals – A couple who drastically downsized their wedding plans after the husband-to-be was diagnosed with terminal cancer have been left amazed by the generosity of friends, family – and strangers – who’ve raised enough money through a crowd-sourcing website to pay for a dream ceremony. (more…)

Will Ferrell Played Basketball Soccer and Football

Will Ferrell Played Basketball Soccer and Football, Will first attended school at Turtle Rock Elementary and later attended Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, both in Irvine. He attended University High School in Irvine, and was a kicker for the school’s varsity football team. (more…)

Half Hour For Rodney Hills To Reel in Catfish Weight Almost 115 Pounds

Half Hour For Rodney Hills To Reel in Catfish Weight Almost 115 Pounds: catfish conservation group, wels catfish nicknamed the duke, Rodney hills uses pork sausage to catch catfish, Half Hour For Rodney Hills To Reel in Catfish—They call it the Duke, and it’s reportedly one of the most famous catfish in England. About time it had it’s picture taken, then. (more…)

Comedy Central 100 Greatest Stand Up Comics 12. Jerry Seinfeld

Comedy Central 100 Greatest Stand Up Comics 12. Jerry Seinfeld
Here is the list Comedy Central made of the 100 greatest stand up comics of all time. I was intrigued that Jerry Seinfeld made #12 on the list.

100. Gallagher
99. Janeane Garofalo
98. Louis CK
97. Sandra Bernhard
96. Joey Bishop
95. Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay
94. David Alan Grier
93. George Wallace
92. Louie Anderson
91. Jim Breuer
90. Dana Carvey
89. Kevin James
88. Paula Poundstone
87. Brett Butler
86. Jay Mohr
85. David Cross
84. Drew Carey
83. Norm MacDonald
82. Howie Mandel
81. Dick Gregory
80. Bobby Slayton
79. Dom Irrera
78. Sinbad
77. Paul Reiser
76. Robert Schimmel
75. Eddie Izzard
74. Paul Rodriguez
73. Billy Connolly
72. Bernie Mac
71. Red Buttons
70. Wanda Sykes
69. Pat Cooper
68. Dave Attell
67. Kevin Pollak
66. Shelley Berman
65. Cedrick the Enter.
64. Richard Belzer
63. Jackie Mason
62. Eddie Griffin
61. Bobcat Goldthwait
60. Jeff Foxworthy
59. Gilbert Gottfried
58. Larry Miller
57. Richard Jeni
56. Colin Quinn
55. Alan King
54. DL Hughley
53. David Brenner
52. Damon Wayans
51. Lewis Black
50. Denis Leary
49. Freddie Prinze
48. Tim Allen
47. Henny Youngman
46. Adam Sandler
45. Richard Lewis
44. Joan Rivers
43. Dave Chappelle
42. Flip Wilson
41. Jon Stewart
40. Mort Sahl
39. Billy Crystal
38. Bill Maher
37. Martin Lawrence
36. Jim Carrey
35. Phyllis Diller
34. Buddy Hackett
33. Andy Kaufman
32. Albert Brooks
31. George Burns
30. Garry Shandling
29. Milton Berle
28. Jack Benny
27. Jay Leno
26. Ray Romano
25. Bob Hope
24. Redd Foxx
23. Steven Wright
22. Robert Klein
21. Dennis Miller
20. Sam Kinison
19. Bill Hicks
18. Jonathan Winters
17. Don Rickles
16. Ellen DeGeneres
15. David Letterman
14. Bob Newhart
13. Robin Williams
12. Jerry Seinfeld
11. Johnny Carson
10. Eddie Murphy
09. Roseanne Barr
08. Bill Cosby
07. Rodney Dangerfield
06. Steve Martin
05. Chris Rock
04. Woody Allen
03. Lenny Bruce
02. George Carlin
01. Richard Pryor

Alice in Arabia Pulled

Alice in Arabia Pulled by ABC

Alice in Arabia has been pulled from the ABC Family network following intense backlash. The show was about a teenager in Saudi Arabia who was living with her conservative Muslim grandfather against her will. (more…)